Hummels: &#外围投注039;Exhausted and euphoric'

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“We did need a little bit of luck in the Final, as we were practically already preparing for a penalty shoot-out.”

Mats Hummels was so exhausted and euphoric after winning the World Cup that he felt “like I’m on another planet.”

Mario 网络外围投注an data-scayt_word=”Gotze” data-scaytid=”3″>Gotze came off the bench to score the winner at the 113th minute.

The German defender spoke to FIFA following

“You can only become world champi皇冠外围投注ons if you work as a team. We wanted to make that poi线上足球投注nt clear to everyone at all times and we achieved it.”

“I feel like I’m on another planet, as I am too physically exhausted to celebrate and too euphoric to focus.