Sabella: 'Sad, 现金赌博but proud of team'

“These are very close matches and when you make a mistake, it’s difficult to turn it around. I’m proud of these players and it’s clear they gave their all for the Argentina jersey.”


“We were overcome during extra time, but we had chances. I also congratulate Germany on winning the trophy.

“I think the people will recognise that. Results are always secondary. The team grew today and made a great game against a great football superpower.

“I feel sad at not being able to win the tournament but I’m very proud of the team, who played a great match,” said Sabella.

“I congratulate the players, who made their country proud for the effort they put in to the championship.


The Coach said he would be stepping down regardless of the result in Rio de Janeiro and saw his side

Alejandro Sabella left Argentina with a World Cup silver medal, feeling “sad but very proud of the team.”